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Welcome to the World of Luxury...

About Us
Athra Luxe™ is a luxury jewelry brand that aims to elevate the art and tradition of fine jewelry to new heights of statement and style. Evolving from its founding company Athra, a leading sterling silver house since the 80’s, Athra Luxe is comprised of a design team that includes artists, jewelers and crafters with extensive design and jewelry backgrounds. From subtle, timeless staples perfect for everyday wear, to bold statement pieces, allow yourself to indulge into the opulence that is Athra Luxe. Athra Luxe blends together the highest quality materials including sterling silver and other beautiful gemstones for each piece. Each one of our meticulously designed earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings is made in Italy and sold all over the world to be enjoyed by women everywhere.
Our Design
Each collection has a distinctive elegance that exudes the “Essence of Luxury™” while being consciously designed for the everyday woman at an affordable price. Athra Luxe’s designs range from abstract shapes and patterns, to clean and classic, to whimsical and romantic. Whether it is a symbol of love, a token of appreciation, or a gift to you, Athra Luxe caters to the desire of every customer.

Our Vision
We believe that every woman is entitled to a luxury shopping experience. Buying jewelry should be fun, effortless and empowering, not intimidating.  Our in-house styling teams design each piece of jewelry with smart, modern and sophisticated women in mind. From past generations to Millennials, Athra Luxe is the the one Italian jewelry brand that is accessible to everyone.
Where to Find Us
A Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified company; Athra Luxe understands the importance of affordability and accessibility for all women when purchasing jewelry. That is why Athra Luxe is conveniently available at a variety of e-commerce retailers and storefronts worldwide. To find an Athra Luxe retailer near you, visit
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