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Heart Station NecklaceHeart Station Necklace
Heart Station Necklace Sale price$140.00
Textural Stacked RingTextural Stacked Ring
Textural Stacked Ring Sale price$185.00
Filigree Band Ring with CrystalFiligree Band Ring with Crystal
Filigree Stacking RingFiligree Stacking Ring
Filigree Stacking Ring Sale price$108.00
St. Benedict Coin BraceletSt. Benedict Coin Bracelet
Cascade Mirror Link EarringCascade Mirror Link Earring
Braided Popcorn Chain BraceletBraided Popcorn Chain Bracelet
Dual High Polish Filigree RingDual High Polish Filigree Ring
Gold Textural Square Stacked RingGold Textural Square Stacked Ring
Signature Links Drop EarringSignature Links Drop Earring
Textured Satellite NecklaceTextured Satellite Necklace
Layered Star Charm Bracelet
Layered Star Charm Bracelet Sale price$115.00
Mirror Link Y-NecklaceMirror Link Y-Necklace
Mirror Link Y-Necklace Sale price$68.00
Coin Stretch BraceletCoin Stretch Bracelet
Coin Stretch Bracelet Sale price$78.00
Mixed Chain Braided Bracelet
Multi Stacking Ring SetMulti Stacking Ring Set
Multi Stacking Ring Set Sale price$75.00
Chain Bar Drop CuffChain Bar Drop Cuff
Chain Bar Drop Cuff Sale price$55.00
Open Oval Drop EarringOpen Oval Drop Earring
Open Oval Drop Earring Sale price$58.00
Mirror Link Bar NecklaceMirror Link Bar Necklace
Mirror Link Bar Necklace Sale price$58.00
Gold Textural Geometric Stacked RingGold Textural Geometric Stacked Ring
Textural Geometric Stacked RingTextural Geometric Stacked Ring
Reyes EarringReyes Earring
Reyes Earring Sale price$75.00
Dahlia Link EarringDahlia Link Earring
Dahlia Link Earring Sale price$75.00
Roma EarringRoma Earring
Roma Earring Sale price$70.00
Paperclip Link BraceletPaperclip Link Bracelet
Paperclip Link Bracelet Sale price$55.00
Graduated Links Drop EarringGraduated Links Drop Earring
Radiant Cross NecklaceRadiant Cross Necklace
Radiant Cross Necklace Sale price$78.00
Beaded Religious Bracelet
Beaded Religious Bracelet Sale price$87.00
gold cross bracelet - athra luxegold pendant bracelet - athra luxe
Radiant Cross Bracelet Sale price$65.00
Diamond Cut Twist Cascade EarringDiamond Cut Twist Cascade Earring
Rose Gold Shiny Textured RingRose Gold Shiny Textured Ring
Gold Shiny Textured RingGold Shiny Textured Ring
Gold Shiny Textured Ring Sale price$58.00
Link Drop NecklaceLink Drop Necklace
Link Drop Necklace Sale price$78.00
Dual Chain Link Drop Earring
Dainty Tiered EarringDainty Tiered Earring
Dainty Tiered Earring Sale price$66.00
Textured Heart HoopsTextured Heart Hoops
Textured Heart Hoops Sale price$66.00
Mirror Link Tassel NecklaceMirror Link Tassel Necklace
Mirror Link Tassel Necklace Sale price$165.00
Sculpted Link BraceletSculpted Link Bracelet
Sculpted Link Bracelet Sale price$75.00
Filigree Leaf Drop EarringFiligree Leaf Drop Earring
Singapore Chain Tassel EarringSingapore Chain Tassel Earring
Filigree Circle Drop EarringFiligree Circle Drop Earring
Classic Tassel Drop Earring
Clover Y-Necklace
Clover Y-Necklace Sale price$78.00
Mirror Link Drop Necklace
Mirror Link Drop Necklace Sale price$105.00
Star Station Necklace
Star Station Necklace Sale price$105.00
Crystal Rosary Necklace
Crystal Rosary Necklace Sale price$78.00
Mother of Pearl Pendant NecklaceMother of Pearl Pendant Necklace
Heart Enamel Drop NecklaceHeart Enamel Drop Necklace