Welcome to the World of Luxury...

Athra Luxe™ is a design house of artists, jewelers and crafters with extensive backgrounds who create collectible pieces inspired by their travels around the world. Each collection has a distinctive elegance that exudes the “Essence of Luxury™”, yet is tailored to the everyday woman at an affordable price.The Athra Luxe™ collections feature sterling silver and specialize in 14k gold over sterling silver designs including black diamond crystals and freshwater pearls. Each crystal is intricately set by hand to create a lavish and delicately sparkling piece of fine jewelry.

With a wide array of designs available, Athra Luxe™ jewelry caters to the desires of every customer- from specialty boutiques to elite department stores. The brand has captured the interest of many celebrity clientele, stylists, high fashion magazines and bloggers.

Athra Luxe™ is not your average brand. We believe that everyone is entitled to a luxury shopping experience, even if it’s a treat for yourself.